Tree of Life Wide Top Djembe Drum - 18cm

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The Wide Top Djembe Drum 40cm with the Tree of Life design on the skin is a unique and artistically inspired percussion instrument that combines the West African drumming tradition with the symbolism of the Tree of Life. The Wide Top Djembe Drum is characterised by its flared top, providing a broad playing surface that enhances the drum's resonance.The Tree of Life is a widespread symbol across various cultures and spiritual traditions. It often represents the interconnectedness of all life, the cycle of life and death, and the continuous renewal of existence. The Wide Top Djembe Drum with the Tree of Life design on the skin is not only a musical instrument but also a work of art. It serves as a captivating and spiritually inspired piece that can be used in musical performances, cultural events, or as a decorative symbol of the profound and interconnected aspects of life.Diameter: 18cmHeight: 40cm

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