Himalayan Hemp Backpack Cute Multicolor Striped Womens Mens Backpack Handmade Laptop Backpack Hiking Bag Travel Backpack

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It is made from natural hemp fiber and heavy-duty cotton, which are both known for their strength and durability. This bag is lined with soft cotton to make it sturdy and extra durable.

The multi-color stylish daypack has pockets of different sizes, so you can carry all your different sized belongings. It has enough room for all your personal items and necessities. The daypack becomes softer to the touch as you use it more, but it maintains its durability.

Hemp and cotton are the only materials we use. Both are renewable and environmentally friendly. You can use this trendy and distinctive unisex hemp backpack for any occasion, giving you a hip urban look. Handcrafted in Nepal, our hemp bags are fair trade.

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